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Working with multiple high profile clients, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast Richard Howe left his 9:00-17:00 office job to pursue his passion for all things media.
  • Video - Are your clients losing interest in a lengthy topic? We have several techniques to improve watchtime and keep your clients visually engaged whilst viewing your content.
  • Photo - Corporate photos need backgrounds removing? Need a logo recreated in higher quality to meet demanding high standards? We've got your back.
  • Audio & Podcast - From trimming out pauses and misreads to adding sound effects and background music, we have all of your audio needs covered.

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Services & Pricing

Working with Fuzzy and Birch:

We’ve worked extensively with Jenni Walldrop, CEO at Fuzzy and Birch.
Producing over 40 videos ranging from 1 minute to over an hour in length.

These videos have been a mixture of educational videos made up of text and animated emoji, with an equal split being direct to camera conversation pieces.

The topic of most of Fuzzy and Birch’s videos have been boosting online sales and streamlining the performance of items for sale on platforms such as Etsy.

Production for Howard Hunt:

Working tightly with the I.T Department at Howard Hunt we utilized screen recording software on Mobile Devices and Computers to record step by step video tutorials.

Instructional voice overs were then recorded and added to over 25 videos before they were uploaded to their internal learning platform.

These tutorials assisted over 500 internal and external staff members in navigating new software packages and significantly increased the I.T Departments throughput by deferring users to the new video tutorials.